A Practical Guide to Giving Positive Feedback

30th Oct 2020

A Practical Guide to Giving Positive Feedback

Employees who are enthusiastic about their work are a key component to creating a vital, growing and enjoyable business atmosphere. What really motivates employees to work harder and be more dedicated to your company? Feeling appreciated and having feedback on how well they are doing is what can steer your employees in the right direction. Here is a practical guide to giving that positive feedback:

Remember to Balance Positives and Negatives

The easiest mistake is to forget that for every negative comment or correction, you need to give a counterbalancing positive. While employees need to know when they are heading the wrong way, giving encouragement and direction that points in the right direction is often more motivating than telling them what they have done wrong. One way to do this is through giving a plaque of appreciation to employees that demonstrate positive traits that you want to encourage throughout your company. For example, you can give a plaque of appreciation for:

  • Positive feedback from customers
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Attitude
  • Leadership
  • Effort
  • Improvement

Give Positive Feedback Every Day

Giving positive feedback should be a continual part of your interaction with employees. For example, you need to be mindful of even small contributions that employees make to a bigger project or the workplace atmosphere. Acknowledge that small summary they finished for you, or the way they handled a difficult customer. Just a few words of praise said privately or in front of other employees can make all the difference in how that employee feels about their job. Let your team know they are a big help to you and your organization and that can boost morale and their desire to work even harder.

Encourage a Feedback Circle

Everyone works better as a team. Let your employees know your vision for them and the company. Help them see their part in that vision. Then ask them to help you by giving feedback on the work and one another. Encourage a corporate culture of positive encouragement and feedback. One excellent way to help employees feel a part of the company is to let them nominate and vote for employees who deserve a plaque of appreciation for things like:

  • Most helpful
  • Best mentor for new employees
  • Encourager
  • Most Creative

Use Gifts of Appreciation to Promote Positive Behaviors

All of us know that we perform harder and better when we know that we are doing something that is appreciated. Moreover, we all do better when we know what goals to shoot for. When you award one employee for a particular positive quality, you encourage that person not only to continue to be a leader, have a good attitude, or work harder, but also to believe your company deserves their loyalty. Better yet, you set goals for other employees to see what types of actions you want them to do. So, if you want your employees to show more teamwork, or be more creative and innovative in coming up with new ideas and strategies, you can help make this happen by giving tangible item such a plaque of appreciation to employees who are most demonstrating those traits.

Make Recognition Special

Be sure that your positive feedback is meaningful by getting a glass, lasered wood, granite or quality framed plaque of appreciation. The experts at Able Recognition have a wide variety of beautiful products in many styles and colors for you to choose from. Moreover, their employees are experienced at helping businesses choose the right style of plaque and the wording that best conveys the positive feedback you want to give.