6 Ideas for Recognizing Your Senior Student

30th Oct 2020

6 Ideas for Recognizing Your Senior Student

Making it all the way through high school is one of the first great achievements in a young person's life. Marking and celebrating this momentous achievement helps your student, son, or daughter feel as if their efforts are both noticed and valued.

When planning a celebration for your senior, try some of these creative recognition ideas:

1. A reminder of how far they've come.
Begin by picking or gathering photos that begin from the first day of school and span his or her entire school career. Try leaving a few pages at the end to paste in photos of graduation and for notes from teachers and friends.

2. Trophy up!
Make it funny. Make it serious. Make it an inside-joke that only your student and you will understand. Able Recognition allows nameplate customization that lets you recognize your senior and give him or her something physical to take along with him no matter where life takes him from here. Try this puzzle-themed crystal trophy for the problem solving student, or a baseball-themed award for the all-star athlete. We all love to win; make sure your senior knows he's a winner in your book, for sure.

3. Record the changing year ahead.
As you know, life for a senior is stuffed full of brand-new experiences. Try giving him a stack of personalized notebooks and a cool pen, or an easy one line a day journal so even the least wordy (or most busy) senior has a place to record the memories they're making. Alternatively, get one for yourself and write down your memories of his senior year, and give it to him at graduation for a one-of-a-kind, personal gift.

4. Immortalize them in stone.
Many towns have programs for public construction sites at parks and other civic buildings where you can donate a certain amount in someone's name, and the honoree's name is engraved on a brick or plaque at the site for the life of the building/park. Give your senior immortality in stone, right at home.

5. Or a star.
If your city has no current brick-purchase projects, you can also name a star after your student. Every time he or she looks at the sky, he'll be reminded of his accomplishment. You could even combine this naming with a Star Pillar Award, engraved with the celestial location of his namesake star, as a daytime reminder, as well.

6. Small comforts for a big year.
Instead of something big, incorporate your student's interests into a monthly coupon book of ways to unwind from what can be a stressful year of study. Try coupons or gift certificates to movie theaters, hair salons, massage therapists, or stores they frequent. Tailor them to your senior's wants, rather than needs, and for an extra bonus -- go with them. The bonding time can be just as, if not more, valuable as the gift itself.

Your senior has worked hard to get to this final part of his or her high school experience. With a little creative forethought, you can mark this occasion and let him know he's not only appreciated, but loved, as well.